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Somewhere in Time

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Somewhere in Time

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"The Somewhere In Time Story: Behind the Scenes of the Making of the Cult Romantic Fantasy Motion Picture"

ALL NEW EDITION! 136 pages, 125 photos. Completely redesigned and expanded. If you only purchase one SIT Collectible, this should be it! "The Somewhere In Time Story: Behind the Scenes of the Making of the Cult Romantic Fantasy Motion Picture" presents a comprehensive and fascinating chronicle of the amazing legacy of Somewhere in Time. From writer Richard Matheson's inspiration, to the "miracles" of it's making, all the way to post-production and beyond - all updated, to the present.

Written by International Network of Somewhere In Time Enthusiasts (INSITE) Founder, Bill Shepard, and told mostly in the words of its creators--writer, producer, director, actors and crew members, the book also includes the choosing of the location, rare production drawings, costume sketches, correspondence and other important documents, like call sheets/production schedule, production diary, changes from script to screen...even a map of movie locations on Mackinac Island is included, so if you plan a visit, you can find all the sites of shooting on your own.

You'll learn how the creative team got together, how actors were cast, who was considered, production secrets, the special atmosphere on the set, what happened with the release, the impact of the INSITE fan society on the film's legacy, and the extraordinary events held to honor and celebrate Somewhere in Time. If you're planning a trip to Mackinac Island, you'll love the map of the island, showing all the movie locations--so you can make your own Location Tour! There is even a chapter on other Romantic Fantasy films you may not have heard of or seen.

Those who appreciate the film's stunning beauty and its message of the power of love, will surely find this book to be a treasure and companion to a film which continues to elicit devotion over a quarter century since its creation. A MUST HAVE!

--Our Customers Say:  "I just received my Somewhere in Time Story Book today.  It is just perfect, I love it!  I can not say enough good things about it!" -C.




The original novel

(formerly titled "Bid Time Return")


Somewhere In Time

Richard Matheson's original novel, retitled from "Bid Time Return" to match the film, "Somewhere in Time." The absorbing novel is different in several key ways ffrom Matheson's screenplay, but well worth the read for the fleshing out of the characters, their motivations, and insight into their hearts. (Some have told us they like the novel even better than the film!) Matheson is a consummate writer of science fiction, on of the original writers of Twilight Zone, (which was only the beginning of his impressive body of work.)

Soft cover, (NVL)